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Magnetic Mallet

The Magnetic Mallet allows the surgeon to operate in an easier and faster way, assuring the greatest possible comfort to the patient, both in complex implant surgeries and in simple extractions.

Using Magnetic Mallet, no more problems of visibility, osteotome alignment or percussion causing BPPV to the patient during surgery!

Magnetic Mallet features of innovation, safety and ergonomics make it such a versatile device that the majority of surgical practices can be done in an easier, safer and faster way obtaining fulfilling and predictable results.

When Magnetic Mallet is at your medical practice, you will consider it the main device for everyday dental surgery and your patients will be grateful for the advantages you can guarantee.

Magnetic Mallet - Basic Kit

Magnetic Mallet - Basic Kit - Magnetic Mallet - Basic Kit
Price:  $4,290.00
Premium Member Price:  $3,900.00 (10% Discount)

The Magnetic Mallet exploits an electro-magnetic impact between two masses, electronically operated by the control unit (or foot pedal), thus allowing you to get a high intensity impact applied in a very short time able to perform quick and safe plastic deformation of bone.

At first glance, it is often compared to the piezosurgical device that we have known since 1997 in the US market; except the Magnetic Mallet is NEWER technology that performs the same procedures, plus more in a safer, timely, and minimally invasive way.

The Magnetic Mallet can perform the following procedures at unmatched accuracy:
- Extractions (including ankylosed & wisdom teeth)
- Ridge Spit
- Crestal Sinus Lift
- Implant Placement (Immediate or Delayed)
- Crown Removal
- Osseodensification of bone

The specific instruments available with the device have been designed to be used in the different practices guaranteeing a complete set of instruments suitable for every kind of surgery.
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