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Neobiotech is the prior Implant manufacturer which was established on February 2000, and endeavored to provide the best product and service under our motto of Implant service No. 1. Neobiotech developed and launched SinusQuick guaranteeing excellent operation in IP, GDR, IL, not to mention of best product to upper posterior early 2007, while passing through the newborn process as a innovation managerial of this company from 2007.
On February 2008, Neobiotech released the SCA-kit, a Sinus Crestal Approach tool of new method, and brought out innovation to Sinus Implant surgical operation. Also, Neobiotech launched the SLA-kit, which is the epochal operating knife of Lateral approach on July 2008, and became to get praise and love from the head of dentistry. Product development concept of our Neobiotech is to develop easier (Simple), safer (Safe), and quicker (Speedy) product.

Product development concept of our Neobiotech is to develop easier (Simple), safer (Safe), and quicker (Speedy) product. We have a proud to hear that the head of dentistry understand our 3S spirits and express satisfaction. Neobiotech will get near to customers with attitude of listening courteously to customers' voice to collect your valuable opinion.

In addition, Neobiotech promise to become an excellent implant enterprise, leading world implant market based on technology and service by developing new products continuously which is creative, innovative and global.

Company Products

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Product Details:
Bone harvesting kit.Kit includes stopper and reamer. Recommended speed 300 to 500 RPM. The fastest speeds will provide smaller bone chip particles. Stopper will provide 3cc of bone. Can be re-sterilized and used up to 5 procedures depending on the density of the bone.

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Product Details:
Suitable for (Incisor or Premolar) ,wall Augmentation (Buccal or Lingual). Can be attached to implant using spacers. Customized titanium flexible membrane attached to implant. Solves existing rectangular membrane's inconvenience of cutting. Solves existing rectangular membrane's inconvenience of cutting and bending by offering pre-formed anatomical shape.

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Product Details:
CTi Spacer is for gaining vertical bone height on immediate implant placement cases. Fixate the CTi Spacer on top of the implant, then place your CTi membrane (Ti mesh) and then place the cover cap on top to secure the Ti mesh.They come in multiple sizes depending on how much vertical bone growth you are looking to gain:Cuff(mm)

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Product Details:

12 Fixation screws - 4 of each size (1.6mm Diameter / Length: 3mm, 5mm & 7mm)
8 Tenting Screws + Cover Screws - 2 of each size (2.0mm Diameter / Length: 7mm, 10mm, 13mm & 15mm)

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Product Details:
Unique drill design
  • S-reamer's head has been designed with a special blade structure to leave a thin bone disk between membrane and reamer (e.g., the reamer does not touch the membrane directly)
  • S-reamer can be used even in misaligned and septum cases Depth Control
  • Stoppers control the drilling depth of the S-reamer 10 pieces, 2mm-11mm
  • Stoppers can also be mounted on the bone spreader and bone condenser Complete kit
  • Kit provides a complete set of tools for performing a crestal sinus lift

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Product Details:
The Sinus Lateral Approach Kit offers a complete solution for accessing the sinus via opening the lateral wall. The result is minimal flap size and a smaller window than conventional techniques. The Sinus Lateral Approach SLA Kit’s reamers can be used with a standard surgical motor handpiece (2,000rpm) for an expedient osteotomy. The tapered trunk on the kit’s LS-reamer is designed to control drilling depth up to 3.5mm without the use of drill stops, and the special blade design creates a thin bone disc which protects the Schneiderian membrane. In addition, the C-reamer can be used to cut through the lateral wall and save a piece of circular bone that can be used to close the opening after the procedure.

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Product Details:
For effective removal of failed implants in most applications while minimizing trauma without trephine use.

  • Simple Removal of failed implant
  • Minimizing trauma
  • Effective instrumentation to remove implants
  • Designed to minimize bone trauma
  • Reduces need to use trephine drills
  • Can be used for most implant systems

Contact Information
Tyler Binner
Phone: 678-872-7774

Mailing Address
e-space #902,
Guro-dong, Guro-Gu
Seoul, Korea, 152-789

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