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Advancing The Art Of Osseous Surgery

Since creating the first piezoelectric surgical system in 1997, Piezosurgery Incorporated and Mectron Medical Technology have remained dedicated to refining and improving the technology – ensuring that our proprietary systems continue to lead the industry in performance.

PIEZOSURGERY® is a comprehensive approach to improving patient outcomes while reducing risk and optimizing the efficiency of your practice. Piezosurgery “Incorporated offers the most advanced technology, with a complete range of products tailored to your specific needs, and supported by industry-leading training and service


 Upcoming Events


2017 gIDER Advanced Implant Therapy w/ Dr. Javonovic


2017- Pikos Sinus Grafting Course


2017 USC Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry: Implant Therapy in the Esthetic Zone


2017 Academy of Osseointegration


2017 California Implant Institute Module 3A/3B: Surgical LIVE Patient Trainging


2017 105th Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting


2017 Dallas Rhinoplasty Symposium


2017 Dr. Steve Wallace- Non-Palate Recession Grafting


Pikos Advanced Bone Grafting Course: Alveolar Ridge Augmentation


2017 International Bone Symposium


2017 Banff Implant Symposium


Western Society of Periodontology Annual Scientific Sessions

                                    New Products

Multipiezo Devices

The Multipiezo line is designed to treat the widest range of applications in the market. With an extremely wide ultrasound power range, innovative electronics, and unique ergonomics. The new Mectron Multipiezo and Multipiezo Pro devices have the power and versatility to solve a wide array of daily challenges: calculus, cavities, endodontic inflammation, periodontal inflammation, crown restorations, and beyond.


Rotary Bone Harvester (RBH)

The innovative rotary bone harvester (RBH) developed by Dr. Homa Zadeh (University of Southern California) is an ideal surgical instrument for anyone who wishes to harvest autogenous bone efficiently and without the performance limitations of trephines and manual bone collectors.
Main features of the innovative RBH:
– Harvest autogenous bone in seconds
– Easily & efficiently collect harvested bone, thanks to removable sleeve
– Sterilizable blade may be used up to 7 times
– Provided with 7 sterile, single patient sleeves
– Can be used with any motor with latch-type connection at 600 RPM 
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