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The Osstell IDx helps you to objectively determine implant stability and to assess the progress of osseointegration – without jeopardizing the healing process. It is a fast and non-invasive system that will provide the accurate and objective information needed to proceed with confidence.
  • Assess implant stability and the degree of osseointegration
  • Reduce treatment time and better manage risk patients
  • Easily interpret results through intuitive color coding based on the ISQ scale
  • Enables efficient communication with patients & collaboration with colleagues
  • Extract data, share files and analyze implant and treatment data through Osstell Connect 
  • Remote back-up and support
  • Share patients between multiple Osstell IDx’s

“In daily practice, we never measure the insertion torque since we use Osstell instead to monitor implant stability. For non-splinted implants, we want the second ISQ value to be ≥70 to initiate the prosthetic rehabilitation with functional loading. In most implant patients, this is either at 4 or 8 weeks of healing allowing an early loading protocol.”

Prof. Daniel Buser


“Osstell is an essential part of my implant practice. As a surgical prosthodontist I use it on every implant case to determine and document implant stability. ISQ values provide the confidence (based on science) to know when each implant is ready to load, whether for immediate or delayed restoration, helping to achieve a successful restorative outcome for each and every patient.”

Scott D. Ganz, DMD   


“Osstell has become my personal guide in determining the appropriate time to load patients’ implants, and I now use it for every implant case.”

Prof. Peter Moy


“My primary use of the Osstell Instrument in my clinic is to evaluate each implant at the time of placement and again at the second stage abutment connection.  This allows for an objective way to evaluate the implant healing and gives some indication of the short term and long term success. Progression of numbers will allow for an understanding of the bone quality and stability of the implant during all phases of treatment. Specially, I use the Osstell at immediate load or early loading depending on what these definitions mean to the clinician”.

Dr. Jay Malmquist, D.M.D, FACD, FICD, FAO

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