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Resorable Collagen Membrane
Mem-Lok Resorbable Collagen Membrane Extraction site with bone loss
Mem-Lok Resorbable Collagen Membrane Grafted site covered with Mem-Lok®
Mem-Lok Resorbable Collagen Membrane Four months post-op
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RCM-ML 1520
Resorbable Collagen Membrane 15mm x 20mm
RCM-ML 1530
Resorbable Collagen Membrane 15mm x 30mm
RCM-ML 1540
Resorbable Collagen Membrane 15mm x 40mm
15% OFF 1-5 units
20% OFF 6-10 units
25% OFF 11 or more units
BioHorizons education courses
BioHorizons supports hundreds of high quality educational programs each year. Topics include dental implants, biologics, instruments, surgical techniques, prosthetics, practice building, digital dentistry, treatment planning, risk management, and new technology and more. Search for an international course or local event in your area using the tools below or go directly to the education calendar in your market.
BioHorizons dental implants are clinically proven through some of the most thorough and in-depth research in the industry. We offer nine comprehensive implant lines, covering virtually every surgical and prosthetic indication or clinician preference. Our dental implants have a 99.2% average implant success rate1-10 and also come with a lifetime warranty giving you peace of mind.

Tapered Plus | Tapered Internal | Tapered Internal 3.0
Internal | Single-stage | External 
Laser-Lok 3.0 | One-piece 3.0 | Overdenture
Our broad range of Prosthetics cover a wide range of indications and patient conditions and feature some of the tightest machine tolerances in the dental industry. Our unique conical connection creates a biologic seal eliminating the microgap seen with other systems. Through advanced Spiralock® technology, abutment screws remain tight over time.

Prosthetics | Prosthetic Techniques
Multi-unit Abutment System | TeethXpress™
Laser-Lok Esthetic Abutments | Simple Solutions with Laser-Lok | 3inOne Abutments
Recognized as a global leader for tissue regeneration solutions. Our Biologic products are scientifically proven for a wide range of soft and hard tissue applications.

AlloDerm® RTM | AlloDerm® GBR | Mem-Lok® | Grafton® DBM
MinerOss® | MinerOss® Cortical | MinerOss® Cancellous
INFUSE® Bone Graft | MASTERGRAFT® Family of Products
PROGENIX® Family of Grafts | LADDEC®
BioHorizons Dental Instruments
Whether it is our microsurgical instruments designed for less invasive procedures, or our surgical instruments developed for bone augmentation applications, our broad line of instruments and motors will meet your needs.

AutoTac | Bone Screw Kit | ARTISAN™ Space Maintenance System
Hu-Friedy Instruments | W&H Motors
Virtual Implant Placement (VIP) treatment planning software gives dental implant professionals a user-friendly way to determine the optimal dental implant position prior to placement and has been successfully used in thousands of clinical procedures.

VIP Treatment Planning Software | VIP Partner Labs
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