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About the Company

BIOMET 3i offers one of implant dentistry’s most comprehensive lines of implants and abutments, augmented by a growing line of site preparation, CAD/CAM digital solutions and regenerative products. BIOMET 3i pioneered the development of biologically driven implants, winning worldwide acclaim for the microtextured surface and superior clinical success rates of the OSSEOTITE® Implant.

Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, with operations throughout the world, BIOMET 3i is one of the leading companies in the oral reconstruction market. Of equal importance, BIOMET 3i brings the same innovation, high standards and comprehensive approach to customer service, practice & laboratory support and education.




Introducing The 3i T3® Implant

Designed To Deliver Aesthetic Results Through Tissue Preservation.

  • Contemporary Hybrid Surface
    Provided by complex multi-surface topography

  • Seal Integrity
    Provided by a stable and tight implant/abutment interface

  • Integrated Platform Switching
    Provided by a medialized implant/abutment junction

The BellaTek® Encode® Impression System - Optimization By Design

The BellaTek Encode Impression System provides optimized solutions to clinicians by eliminating the need for implant level impressions, which streamlines the treatment process for the surgeon, restorative clinician and laboratory. In addition, patients have a better experience and a beautiful aesthetic outcome

    No need to remove the healing abutment, preserving tissue and resulting in aesthetic outcomes

    Choose a simple impression method above the gingiva to create aesthetic BellaTek Patient Specific Abutments in titanium, gold-colored titanium nitride or zirconia

    End-to-end treatment solutions for everyone involved allow for a more efficient workflow, less inventory to stock and provide a vehicle for practice growth

Introducing DIEM®  Solutions For Immediate Full Arch Rehabilitation In One Day*

Why does DIEM 2 offer a better alternative for patients and the dental practice?

 For Patients:

  • Eliminates dentures for patients with hopeless dentition
    Eliminates loose fitting or painful dentures
  • Enables patients to return home on the day of surgery with prostheses that look aesthetically pleasing and function normally*
  • Reduces the number of procedures and follow-up visits
  • Allows for fixed interim prostheses for immediate patient satisfaction

For Clinicians:

  • Decreases surgical morbidity
    Reduces the need for bone augmentation
  • Offers an additional innovative procedure for the dental practice
  • Allows for dental implant dentistry access to a large edentulous or partially edentulous patient population
  • Is designed to increase dental implant treatment acceptance due to a single day procedure
  • Increases practice productivity and efficiency by reducing chairside visits for each case

*Not all patients are candidates for immediate load procedures.

Maintain Space And Regenerated Bone Volume With Endobon® Xenograft Granules

Endobon Xenograft Granules are now conveniently packaged in easy-to-open dishes!

  • Individually sealed, 1.0ml dishes for the large granules deliver value on every case without compromising the product’s sterility.
  • New, sturdy, inner dish that is easier to open without spilling material. Also doubles as a dappen dish that can be placed directly into the sterile field.
  • No more particles sticking to the lid!
  • Red dot on the label to indicate sterility of every pack.

Please Note: Not all products are available outside the U.S.
Please contact your local BIOMET 3i Sales Representative for availability.



Contact Information
Customer Service
Phone: 800.342.5454

Mailing Address
4555 Riverside Drive
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

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