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Recently Added CLUBXP Hands-on Courses
Course Summary: This course will highlight diagnostic, surgical, and prosthetic procedures that can improve the predictability of the overall procedure. Which implant geometry to be used? Which is the rationale behind the choice of placing straight or tilted implant
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Course Summary: Extraction Socket Grafting, GBR, Onlay Block Grafting, Ridge Splitting and Expansion will be featured. The utilization and importance of bioactive modifiers and autologous fibrin membranes will be highlighted
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Course Summary: This hands-on course will highlight the 3 most utilized soft tissue procedures in clinical practice, the socket graft, ridge augmentation and root coverage procedures. It will teach in detail and simplify the process of site evaluation, critical anat
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Course Summary: Learn all of these techniques on LIVE PATIENTS with ONE_ON_ONE training from one of the best clinicians in implant dentistry, Dr. Maurice Salama! An Exceptional opportunity to become more skilled in implant and regenerative surgery. Become more comfo
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