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DENTSPLY Implants in North America offers a comprehensive line of implants including ASTRA TECH Implant System™, ANKYLOS® and XiVE®, regenerative bone products, digital technologies such as ATLANTIS™ patient-specific abutments, and professional development programs that are unique in the freedom they allow dental professionals to creating predictable and lasting implant treatment outcomes.

New Product Spotlight
ATLANTIS Conus concept
— A stable and comfortable solution for edentulous patients
ATLANTIS Conus concept
— A stable and comfortable solution for edentulous patients

Available for all major implant systems, ATLANTIS Conus concept provides a friction-fit, non-resilient prosthetic restoration for fully edentulous patients. The patient-specific solution is a uniquely designed, conical shaped abutment with corresponding caps that incorporates an implant-borne prosthesis while being removable like an overdenture. ATLANTIS Conus Abutments are individually designed using the patented ATLANTIS VAD (Virtual Abutment Design) software for parallel abutments and margin levels as close to the soft tissue as possible. In addition, ATLANTIS Conus Abutments are designed to fit SynCone caps, ensuring a tightly-seated final restoration, minimizing gaps and micro-movement.  

In addition, ATLANTIS Conus concept provides:
    • A cost-effective and comfortable implant-supported prosthesis, designed for optimal access for oral hygiene.
    • A solution that eliminates the need for design or manual adjustments, allowing the clinician to save time and increase profitability.
    • Simplified restorative procedure, eliminating the need for investment in stock components.
As with all ATLANTIS solutions, ATLANTIS Conus concept is backed by a comprehensive warranty for your peace of mind. 

Implant systems

Where ANKYLOS goes, hard and soft tissue follow

It’s time to measure tissue response in gains, not losses. The ANKYLOS® implant system supported by its unique Tissue Care Concept makes it possible by allowing for subcrestal implant placement and measurable gain in interdental papillae height. While others measure success only by implant integration, true treatment success should also include lasting esthetics.
The unique design of the ANKYLOS conical connection helps to eliminate micro-movement between the implant and abutment, while the horizontal offset created at the implant neck acts as a platform for hard and soft tissue support. In addition, ANKYLOS implants feature a three-dimensional macro- and micro-structured surface that continues up over the implant shoulder, which allows for long-term hard and soft tissue stability for maintained function and esthetics.

      – Function, beauty and biology in perfect harmony

The ASTRA TECH Implant System™ EV is the next step in the continuous evolution of the ASTRA TECH Implant System. The foundation of this evolutionary step remains the unique ASTRA TECH Implant System BioManagement Complex, well-documented for its long-term marginal bone maintenance and esthetic results.

The ASTRA TECH Implant System EV has been developed to make your daily work easier, without making any compromises to the clinical outcome. The design philosophy of the ASTRA TECH Implant System EV is based on the natural dentition utilizing a site-specific, crown-down approach supported by an intuitive surgical protocol and a simple prosthetic workflow, for increased confidence and satisfaction for all members of the treatment team.

      – Versatility and simplicity

XiVE® is a traditional implant available in a diameters ranging from 3.0 mm to 5.5 mm. Also included is a full line of transgingival implants, which provide solutions for every indication.    

Digital implant solutions

Patient-specific abutments for all major implant systems

Available for all major implant systems and in your choice of titanium, gold-shaded titanium and up to five shades of zirconia, ATLANTIS™ patient-specific CAD/CAM abutments help to eliminate the need for inventory management of stock components and simplify the procedure for implant-supported restorations.
ATLANTIS abutments are individually designed from the final tooth shape and comprised of a unique combination of four key features, known as the ATLANTIS BioDesign Matrix™, that work interdependently to support soft tissue management for ideal functional and esthetic results.
Regenerative materials

Everything you need to build better bone

Introducing Symbios™, a full range of quality autograft, allograft, xenograft and alloplast bone graft and membrane products designed to promote excellent long-term bone growth and stability. This comprehensive offering consistently delivers predictable clinical efficacy, biocompatibility, and ease of use you can rely on.

Services and support
DENTSPLY Implants offers both local and global courses from a basic level to more advanced. Browse through our courses and register online.

Growing Practice Support

At DENTSPLY Implants, we know there is much more to supporting our customers than just supplying parts and pieces. This is why we are committed to not only providing clinically proven products of high quality, but also comprehensive practice marketing and support tools and services. 


DENTSPLY Implants is present at international congresses and trade fairs. We also attend local exhibitions and arrange seminars. Browse through the event calendar online.

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