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About Heraeus

About Heraeus Dental

The Heraeus Dental Group provides dental professionals, laboratories, and patients with the ultimate in esthetic dental solutions. Heraeus empowers dental professionals to provide the most natural-looking, highly-esthetic restorations while respecting a healthy and conservative approach to clinical dentistry.

Correction of Tooth Defects and Discolored Teeth Using Venus® Diamond Direct Composite Resin
Ronald Goldstein, DDS

Correction of Tooth Defects and Discolored Teeth Using Direct Composite Resin - Part 1 of 4 Correction of Tooth Defects and Discolored Teeth Using Direct Composite Resin - Part 2 of 4 Correction of Tooth Defects and Discolored Teeth Using Direct Composite Resin - Part 3 of 4 Correction of Tooth Defects and Discolored Teeth Using Direct Composite Resin - Part 4 of 4
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Some signature Heraeus brands include:


• Venus®   


Now for the first time, superior esthetic restorations for all cosmetic procedures can be achieved simply and with the highest in esthetic and natural-looking results. Venus is the first and only brand in dentistry to integrate a full esthetic offering of both direct and indirect composite solutions with practice building tools and services.


• Flexitime®   


The Flexitime impression system is known for its innovative setting time concept that combines a flexible working time with short intraoral setting time for dimensional stability and consistent results. Available in three different delivery systems including automatic mixing, as well as four viscosities, Flexitime is the ideal solution for all common indications and impression techniques.


• IBOND®   


The high reliability and quality of the iBOND suite of products have been verified by numerous studies and research groups worldwide. iBOND is available in two formulations – Self Etch and Total Etch. Both attain high bond strength to enamel and dentin while ensuring optimal marginal sealing, and are also ideal for desensitizing hypersensitive areas.




For over 10 years, GLUMA Desensitizer has been used to reduce hypersensitivities in over 45 million restorations worldwide. A “Reality’s Choice” product, GLUMA Desensitizer is the only desensitizing agent to be awarded 5 stars, the highest rating available. In particular, the reviewers at “Reality” noted that GLUMA Desensitizer also shows a beneficial effect on adhesion.


• Agfa®


Known for its imaging quality and patient comfort the Agfa Dentus® system includes intra-oral and extra-oral X-ray films, along with intensifying screen and film cassettes for extra-oral exposures and processing chemicals.


• Ivory®


Ivory Rubber Dam Clamps come in a multitude of sizes, shapes, matte or regular finish to meet the most demanding procedures and clinician demands. Every Ivory clamp is die-cut, heat treated, tempered and individually hand-set to ensure high performance. The Ivory line of products also includes Rubber Dams, Punches, and Forceps.


• Mondial® Denture Teeth


Mondial premium denture teeth, made with NanoPearls®, provide superior esthetics and abrasion resistance that far exceed standard material requirements. Mondial teeth offer accurate intercuspal relationships, superior anatomical shape and physiological function, and are available in a complete set of Vita® Classic shades.


• Modern Materials



For over half a century, Modern Materials gypsum products have set the standard for excellence. Our rigid manufacturing standards include batch testing, pre-blending and in-process inspection to provide the highest quality available.

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