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What is the role of Dentalxp and how it can help you and your staff to be updated with the latest technologies, products and equipment by utilizing the internet.

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Ronald Goldstein, DDS Ronald Goldstein, DDS
Dr. Ronald Goldstein is currently Clinical Professor of Oral Rehabilitation at Georgia Regents University College of Dental Medicine in Augusta, Georgia, Adjunct Clinic...
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Island Mak - (7/28/2012 12:13 AM)

Let me be the first to say. It is good idea for setting up Dental xp. Update to ourself and good to our patients, too.

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Communication Protocols with Photography Premium Member Content

Communication Protocols with Photography
Digital photography is a very important subject in dentistry. It is hard to know where to start, especially when applying to dentistry. This lecture serves as an ad aid for the clinician and technician during the process of approaching the patient from treatment planning presentation to the process of integration digital photography into the color-matching procedure.

Presented By:: Johan Figueira, DDS
Presentation Style: Video
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Beyond Technologies; Digital & Esthetic Dentistry Premium Member Content

Beyond Technologies; Digital & Esthetic Dentistry
Workflow using an integrated approach with CAD/CAM, CBCT, and 3D printing will be highlighted. Learn how to integrate digital technologies for comprehensive 3D implantology including the diagnostic scan, implant planning, surgical guide design and fabrication, and the digital restoration. The concept behind full and direct restorations including immediate provisionalization and how the stitching of multiple files taken from intra-oral scans and CBCT can provide the necessary information to advance to in-office 3D printing and CEREC restorations.

Presented By:: Neal Patel, DDS
Presentation Style: Video
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Stem Cells in Dentistry Premium Member Content

Stem Cells in Dentistry
Stem cells are undifferentiated cells, capable of renewing themselves, with the capacity to produce different cell types to regenerate missing tissues and treat diseases. Oral facial tissues have been identified as a source and therapeutic target for stem cells with clinical interest in dentistry. In this brief presentation, Dr Ana Paz presents stem cells and outlines the clinical applications of stem cells in dentistry. Although more clinical research in this topic is still needed, Dr Ana Paz believes that the main features of stem cells in the future of dentistry should be understood by clinicians.

Presented By:: Ana Paz, DDS, MS
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Therapeutic Agents in Dentistry: Choosing and Utilizing Wisely Premium Member Content

Therapeutic Agents in Dentistry: Choosing and Utilizing Wisely
Latest in therapeutics presented by a speaker with oral medicine/pharmacology background. Covers antibiotic/antifungal/antiviral agents for dental/orofacial infections.

Presented By:: Peter L. Jacobsen, PhD, DDS
Presentation Style: Online Self-Study Course
CE Hours: 1 CEU (Continuing Education Unit)
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The Use of Digital Technology for Patient Care Premium Member Content

The Use of Digital Technology for Patient Care
In this presentation, we will analyze different cases, highlighting the operational differences that they have developed over time, with the increasing knowledge of the new materials and the daily developing of the new software's. It is also described how traditional materials and techniques have been replaced with other innovative new technologies, and how the results obtaining with these are systematic and overlapping times better than traditional one.

Presented By:: Alessandro Agnini, DMD;Andrea Mastrorosa Agnini, DDS
Presentation Style: Online Self-Study Course
CE Hours: 1 CEU (Continuing Education Credit)
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Occlusion: What Else? Premium Member Content

Occlusion: What Else?
Occlusion-Confusion, most of the dentist feel this way. Occlusion is one of the most important part of dentistry but also the most controversy. The balance and the restore of function of the stomatognathic system is often an everyday challenge during most dental treatments. Therefore it is essential to register and maintain the orthopedic stability of the stomatognathic system during the treatment and determine the musculoskeletal stable position during the dental procedures. In this lecture some common clinical problems that the dentist often has to deal with in the everyday practice will be presented and the treatment sequence to maintain the stomatognathic system stability will be presented.

Presented By:: Ilia Roussou, DDS, PhD
Presentation Style: Online Self-Study Course
CE Hours: 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU)
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Team Atlanta Esthetic Evaluation

Team Atlanta Esthetic Evaluation
Evaluation form for evaluating a patients' preferred esthetics

Author(s): Team Atlanta
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Digital Radiography: Asset for the Hygienist

Digital Radiography: Asset for the Hygienist
The hygiene practitioner plays an integral role in the evaluation of the cosmetic, as well as the functional, needs of the patient. Since time is a valuable commodity for both patients and the dental team, it is imperative that the armamentarium available assists in obtaining an accurate diagnosis in the timeliest fashion. One of these tools—digital radiography—is changing the face of patient care, contributing to safer, faster, and more effective means of dental treatment. The incorporation of…

Author(s): Lee H. Silverstein, DDS, MS, FACD, FICD;Julia Davidson, RDH
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Oral Soft Tissue Laser Ablative and Coagulative Efficiencies Spectra

Oral Soft Tissue Laser Ablative and Coagulative Efficiencies Spectra
The key to the success of soft tissue lasers is their ability to cut and coagulate the soft tissue at the same time. Present work is aimed to derive the wavelength-dependent differences in photo-thermal ablation and coagulation efficiencies for oral soft tissue pulsed dental Near-IR Diode, Mid-IR Erbium and IR CO2 lasers. Even though the soft tissue photothermal ablation has been extensively studied, there remains a discrepancy between (a) the widely proliferated notion about efficient Near-IR 800-1,100 nm laser ablation of the oral soft tissue, and (b) studies reporting the inefficient soft tissue Near-IR absorption/ablation. Indeed, the notions about “the key to the usefulness of the Nd:YAG is that this wavelength is highly absorbed in oral soft tissue”, and “all currently available dental laser instruments and their emission wavelengths have indications for use for incising, excising... oral soft tissue surgery”, contradict an observation illustrated here...

Author(s): Peter Vitruk, PhD
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