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Introducing Synapshot
Capture. Create. Connect
XCPT Communication Technologies is pleased to introduce "Synapshot", its newest treatment planning, patient education and data based software application for the dental market.
Synapshot is a software application developed to help dentists, dental assistants and treatment coordinators improve co-discovery and communication with patients and interdisciplinary teams.  It allows practitioners to diagnose, document and deliver optimal treatment plans - for simple to complex cases - that are highly visual for patient understanding and treatment acceptance.
In addition to improving communication with patients, Synapshot provides practices with the ability to streamline their workflow by adding audio notes and cloud based documents for better team collaboration and access. 
Once you've created a Synapshot plan, you can email and print the plans - complete with anything available on their computer screen - to share with referring doctors.  Everything is now in one place, stored on one page, and you can easily remember what you were thinking and recommending.    
Get started today for as low as $699
Customer Package XCPTional Dentist XCPTional Practice
Retail Value $779 USD $1,889 USD
DentalXP Premium Member Price $699 USD $1,697 USD
Workstations Included 1 3
Product Support
   Access to 24/7 helpdesk 90 days included One year included
   Access to
   Image capture tool
   Customized online training sessions included n/a 2
   Additional customized online sessions $199/hr USD $169/hr USD
   Additional workstations available For a fee For a fee
   Evening Program Support  
Annual support and maintenance fee (auto-renewal) $140 USD $380 USD

Advanced Planning
Demonstrates XCPT’s ability to plan large complicated cases with provisionals and multiple implants using both clinical photographs and radiographs.
Advanced Planning Restorative
Demonstrates XCPT’s ability to use panoramic radiographs and occlusal full arch clinical photos. Notice the placement of occlusal implants and occlusal Crowns.

CT Scan Planning
XCPT has the ability to import any X-ray and digital representations of any cone beam view and places images of crowns, implants and numbering the teeth for advanced treatment planning.
CT Scan Sequence Planning
XCPT has the ability to show the cross sectional slice and how it evolves to bone graphs, sinus graft, implants and final restoration.

XCPT allows the doctor to show the patient CT grafting, root coverage, crown lengthening and closing the diastima and black triangles, whitening of teeth, smile design and style. The sclera of the eye is used in XCPT is used to determine the boundaries of brightness in order to create congruent final cosmetic restoration.
Implant/Simplant Planning
XCPT imports all images of Simplant in order to guide the doctor and the planning using the panoramic view. This example shows how iconification is used to demonstrate a denture supported by provisional implants and then replaced by the Simplant recommendation of a final hybrid fixed restoration. Notice all images are placed on one page.

Periapical Planning
XCPT can utilize a single periapical radiograph so that the patient can see the need for a sinus graft socket preservation and implant placement. In addition, treatment notes and radiographs can be placed on the same document.
Restorative Dentistry
Restorative dentistry without the need for a panoramic radiograph. XCPT can be demonstrated by combining full mouth digital radiographs and occlusal arch clinical photographs with numbering and sequencing.

Advanced Restorative Dentistry Treatment Planning
XCPT can use digital radiographs, occlusal arch photos (before and after), XCPT clinical smile photos, and treatment note sequencing.
Sequencing Treatment Planning
XCPT demonstrates how six (6) separate XCPT documents can be placed on one page to show the beginning and end of care. These can be created using ALL types of images.

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