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CE Hours: 8 Hours
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Full Arch Implant Rehabilitation: Diagnostic, Surgical and Digital Prosthetic Rationale

12 seats available

June 10, 2021

XPert Presenter(s):
Marko Tadros, DMD Marko Tadros, DMD
Digital Dentistry & Prosthodontics
Dr. Tadros started his dental journey at Georgia Regents University in August of 2010, and has obtained his Doctorate in Medical Dentistry by May of 2014. Up ...


Toni Salama, DDS Toni Salama, DDS

Toni Salama, DDS

- State University of New York at Binghamton, Bachelor of Arts – Binghamton, NY

- Stony Brook


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Course Details:

Hands-On Course
June 10, 2021 - Hollywood, FL

Presented by:
Dr. Marko Tadros &
Dr. Toni Salama

Course Location:
The Diplomat Beach Resort
3555 South Ocean Drive
Hollywood, FL 33019


CE Credits:
8 Credit Hours (AGD PACE Approve Provider)

9:00am - 5:00pm

Course Description:
Full arch management has its challenges in itself not only from a surgical point of view but also under a prosthetic stand point. Diagnosis and treatment plan properly these cases play a pivotal role for the final successful outcome.

In fact, CBCT software analysis together with all the prosthetic evaluation needed prior the surgical day will be highlighted during the day, bringing then the focus of course specifically on the diagnostic, surgical, and prosthetic procedures that can improve the predictability of the overall procedure. Which implant geometry to be used? Which is the rationale behind the choice of placing straight or tilted implants? How many implants are needed and where?

The discussion will also highlight how to obtain an accurate, passive and strength immediate provisional restoration, focusing then not only on the esthetic but also on the technical side. We are faced with a multitude of restorative option and during the day You will be taken through a full arch restoration and why we chose this particular restoration.

Today with the availability of different materials and technologies we can make sure we create a restoration that is not only hygiene friendly but retrievable and repairable.

A part of the day will highlights the protocols needed in communication between the surgeon, the restorative dentist and the laboratory. What are the expectations from the patient and the dental team and how can we meet these expectations? These are questions we have to ask our self for every full arch case we restore. This course is both for surgeons and restorative colleagues. Lab Technician are strongly encouraged to participate.

Course Objectives:
- How to diagnose and treatment plan a full arch case? Team Communication - Referral Strategies
- Focus on Indications and guidelines for edentulous arches and failing dentition patients
- CBCT Software Analysis - Which Information are providing Us?
- Surgical Strategies - Straight and Tilted Implants Rationale - Prosthetic Guided Surgery
- The Prosthetic Component Rationale - Multi Unit Abutments: Straight - Tilted - Height?
- Technical Tips and Tricks - How to achieve Accuracy, Strength and Passivity on the Immediate Fixed Provisional Restoration on Implants
- New Cad Cam Technologies and Monolithic Materials: Is the future already here?
- Full Arch Digital Scanning: Is it already possible?

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