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Complex Case Rehabilitation in Light of New Technologies Premium Member Content

Complex Case Rehabilitation in Light of New Technologies
This case report describes a step-by-step full-arch restoration, upper and lower, rehabilitated utilizing new technologies in dentistry. CAD/CAM technology has changed not only the technician’s working process, but also the clinician’s, offering new benefits to the clinical workflow, as for example the possibility of using zirconia and its characteristics as a restorative material. The clinician’s and technician’s professional backgrounds and relationship are critical to achieving better esthetic and functional results, while prosthetic success depends upon an in-depth knowledge of the materials and their properties and on carefully performed clinical procedures, which are still of outmost importance to obtain satisfactory results.

Presented By:: Alessandro Agnini, DMD;Andrea Mastrorosa Agnini, DDS;Luca Dondi, DT
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