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Guidelines for Esthetic Restorative Options

Guidelines for Esthetic Restorative Options
The patient with hopeless, fractured, or missing teeth within the aesthetic zone has posed a tremendous challenge for today's clinician. This article discusses "diagnostic indicators" involved during the evaluation of questionalbe teeth or edentulous spans prior to treatment planning, as well as the potential adjunctive role of orthodontics for the development of an easthetic restorative recipient site. The utilization of orthodontic extrusion in combination with atraumatic extraction and immediate…

Author(s): David Garber, DMD;Maurice Salama, DMD;Henry Salama, DMD
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The Role of Orthodontic Extrusive Remodeling

The Role of Orthodontic Extrusive Remodeling
A classification scheme that systematizes the wide range of regenerative potential of common extraction site topographies is presented. Within this system, the parameters for immediate implant placement and preliminary ridge augmentation are discussed. In addition, a new adjunctive role for orthodontic extrusion is introduced. This approach is intended to manipulate "hopeless" teeth to modify their local defect environments, thereby enhancing the predictability of subsequent implant placement at…

Author(s): Maurice Salama, DMD;Henry Salama, DMD
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