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Restoration of Optimal Esthetics in Complex Clinical Situations

Restoration of Optimal Esthetics in Complex Clinical Situations
Patients often neglect or delay dental care for an extended time because of their negative experiences with and fear of dental treatments. This neglect may result in the advance of periodontitis with severe bone loss, a substantial number of missing teeth, and problems with the remaining teeth. Pre-existing malocculsion can aggravate this condition. This case report demonstrates an interdisciplinary strategic approach, in combination with the use of biologically grounded, clinically proven, and viable techniques and technologies to restore optimal esthetics and function in such complex cases.

Author(s): Tomohiro Ishikawa, DDS;Xavier Vela-Nebot, MD, DDS; Kenji Kida, DDS; Hidetada Moroi, DMD; Hajime Kitajima, DDS; Takahiro Ogawa, DDS, PhD
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