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SimPlant® CompatAbility™

Focusing on 3D Digital Dentistry, Materialise Dental offers a range of products and services to aid dental specialists in the treatment of their patients. Materialise Dental holds a strong technological position in medical image processing, surgery simulation, and rapid prototyping.

Branded under the SimPlant® name is an entire range of solutions for 3D Digital Dentistry. The SimPlant® Platform includes the SimPlant® treatment software, a variety of surgical guides, including bone-supported guides, collaboration with a global network of scan sites and much more. A worldwide support channel and a "SimPlant® Academy" have been established to make implant surgery even more successful.

The SimPlant® Platform offers its users worldwide an open and complete platform. SimPlant® software is available in six different languages and is utilized by thousands of clinicians all over the world.

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SimPlant®: Introducing the sharpest tool in the box.
SimPlant® represents the ultimate visualization software suite. Powerful 2D and 3D imagery complete with a collection of user-friendly, yet highly sophisticated treatment planning tools provide accurate and predictable surgery options. This truly interactive software holds every relevant aspect of patient anatomy, so you can trust your diagnosis and communicate your findings easily and effectively.

Implant Libraries for total CompatAbility
SimPlant®’s unique CompatAbility approach has been designed so that you can still use implants and abutments from your preferred suppliers. We’ve incorporated vast libraries of products that are regularly updated, giving you the flexibility to choose your favorites. Reassuringly, the capability to see each item in 3D guarantees implant placement that is absolutely precise and secure.

SimPlant® Software…Packages for professionals.

SimPlant® Planner: For interactive treatment planning with in-depth 3D access to your patients’ CT data, you need SimPlant® Planner. You’ll need to use your scan processing center’s services to convert CT data at this level.

    • Placement of virtual teeth
    • Virtual Planning Assistant
    • Collision detection tools
    • Nerve and vital structure enhancement tools
    • Powerful 3D with clipping feature to view inside the bone
    • Annotation tool for improved presentation and communication
    • Online ordering facility for SurgiGuide drill guides

SimPlant® Pro: If you’re looking for more planning versatility and control the ability to convert your own images from CT scanners, SimPlant® Pro is right for you. If you use an in-house CBCT scanner, this premium level software will enable you to convert the images instantly and offer your patients a real one-stop-shop service that moves as fast as they want it to.

    • Full treatment planning features of SimPlant® Planner
    • Online ordering facility for SurgiGuide
    • SimPlant® Editing or Dual Scan Module incorporated as standard

SimPlant® Master: The benefits of SimPlant® Master are as vast as the business potential is huge. This software can read from any 3D scanner and send fi les to SimPlant® users, regardless of whether they are Planner Pro or View users, enabling you to charge a fee on a case-by-case basis.

    • Conversion of CT images for all licensed SimPlant® users
    • Generate segmented 3D anatomical objects with optional Editing Module
    • Film/paper printing
    • Clinician database
    • Write the most comprehensive View files with optional View Module
    • Online ordering facility for SurgiGuide

Optional modules to tailor your level

SimPlant OMS Module: The OMS Module provides invaluable assistance at every step of the planning process of your orthognathic surgery cases.
    • Establish diagnosis with 3D cephalometry
    • User-friendly, step-by-step wizards help plan osteotomies and distractions
    • Evaluate surgery impact on bite and soft tissue profile
    • Superimpose digital photographs on CT data for optimum visualization
    • Online ordering facility for OMS guides, including occlusal splints, wafers, cutting guides – all based on your own plans.

View Module: SimPlant® View is the most advanced communication and marketing tool available on the market for dentists today. Read-only treatment plan files can be shared confidently with referring clinicians, colleagues, labs and even your patients.
    • View treatment plans in 3D, axial, cross-sectional and panoramic views
    • Zoom images to full screen for maximum clarity
    • Measure bone density, angles and distances
    • Implants and abutments overview listings
    • Notes facility within treatment planning screen

Editing Module: The Editing Module enables you to clean up scan ‘scatter’ or imperfections often caused by metal in the patient’s mouth and ensure complete 3D modeling accuracy.
    • Suitable for single scan protocol
    • Create a scan template, teeth, roots and other structures as separate 3D objects
    • Editing only affects 3D images
    • Available for SimPlant® Pro and SimPlant® Master
    • Perfect partner for Dual Scan Module

Dual Scan Module: Dual Scan modality provides an alternative to the single scan protocol within the Editing Module.
    • Register separate scans of patient wearing existing denture with radio-opaque markers and denture alone
    • No requirement for radio-opaque scan prosthesis
    • Available for SimPlant® Pro and SimPlant® Master
    • Perfect partner for Editing Module

Optical Scan Module: If you or your lab owns an optical scanner, the plaster cast can be scanned and, using this Module, the data can be incorporated into your SimPlant® file.
    • Mucosa thickness and tooth dimension data is automatically merged with your planning
    • Scatter-free teeth imagery
    • Secure in-house plaster cast lab scanning

Grafting Module: This state-of-the-art module takes bone and sinus grafting 3D simulation to a whole new level. Instant measurement data saves valuable planning time and a graft simulation can be transferred into a stereolithographic model easily if required. The Advanced Bone Grafting Module is invaluable in dental surgeries where:
    • Bone grafting plays a prominent role in implant placement
    • Patients request full disclosure and visualization of the proposed procedure
    • Implementing time-saving procedures are customary

SurgiGuide: Beyond Diagnostics - SurgiGuide drill guides take SimPlant diagnostics to another exciting dimension. Custom-made stereolithographic (SLA) surgical guides, based on the simulated implant’s exact measurements and position, provide a highly accurate drilling template that fits perfectly and ensures safe, predictable surgery, every time.

There is a SurgiGuide template to suit every proposed case scenario:

Mucosa-supported SurgiGuide drill guides are positioned on the soft tissue – ideal for fully edentulous cases when minimally invasive surgery is preferred. A radio-opaque scan prosthesis is required if a single scan protocol is to be followed.

Bone-supported SurgiGuide drill guides are placed on the jawbone – suitable for partially or fully edentulous cases when increased visibility is needed. Suffi cient bonemsurface support is essential for secure, effective template positioning.

Tooth-supported SurgiGuide drill guides are placed directly onto the teeth – recommended for single tooth and partially edentulous cases when minimally invasive surgery is required. A plaster cast or an optical scan of the cast is necessary.

Immediate Smile®
Immediate Smile is an exciting innovation that we simply had to incorporate into SimPlant® CompatAbility. Using a precise model of the patient’s jaw and the appropriate SurgiGuide template, an accurate prosthesis can be manufactured by a dental technician prior to surgery. So, your patient can leave the surgery after a single appointment with new teeth and a nice smile – an Immediate Smile. SimPlant® technology really is this effective, this predictable. From start to smile.

***Regardless of which SurgiGuide option you choose, you will realize esthetic perfection in a remarkably more time and cost-effective working environment.***

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