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Sleep Group Solutions
Sleep Group Solutions (SGS)

Sleep Group Solutions (SGS) is a private medical equipment and education company founded in October, 2005. SGS is rapidly becoming an industry leader in the field of airway diagnostics for orthodontics, dental sleep medicine, otolaryngology and pulmonology. SGS employs a team of motivated trainers and representatives to work hands-on with physicians and dentists in the field. SGS management has many years of combined experience heading high tech and medical services companies.

SGS develops, produces and distributes medical equipment and services dealing with airway management, sleep disorders, and the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. It is our goal to help facilitate widespread diagnosis of Sleep Apnea by providing our practitioners with appealing diagnostic and treatment alternatives to offer patients.

To further its goal of becoming an industry leader, SGS also provides continuous education to doctors and medical personnel through ongoing seminars staffed by well-respected and informed individuals in the field.

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Product Description

The Eccovision Acoustic Diagnostic Imaging System
The Eccovision device uses acoustic reflection technology to accurately map out the size, structure and collapsibility of the oral and nasal airway. The Eccovision is widely used in ENT, Orthodontic and Sleep Disorders Dentistry practices.

Orthodontists can use the device to examine the health of the airway before, during and after treatment. It is well documented that a compromised nasal airway is a cause of mouth breathing which is a primary cause behind facial growth and orthodontic problems. It is critical to have accurate airway records and ability to recognize these obstructions.

Sleep Disorders Dentists use the Pharyngometer to screen patients prior to diagnosis. A narrow airway reading on the Pharyngometer correlates to higher Apnea Hypopnea Index's once the person is diagnosed. After diagnosis the pharyngometer helps to show us how the airway changes in repsonse to mandibular advancement. It has been concluded that the pharyngometer was accurate in ruling out patients who would not benefit from oral appliances 95% of the time.

Data from Pharyngometer & Rhinometer tests is displayed on an easy-to-read graph.

Acoustic Pharyngometer
The Eccovision® Acoustic Pharyngometer allows users to quickly and easily measure a patients pharyngeal airway size and stability from the Oral Pharyngeal Junction to the Glottis. The Pharyngometer graphically displays the relationship between the cross-sectional area of the airway and distance down the airway in centimeters. Studies have shown a clear relationship between the existence of OSA and a narrow, collapsible, airway. The Pharyngometer accomplishes these measurements using acoustic reflection technology, similar to a ships sonar. Sound waves are projected down the airway and reflected back out in such a way that the Pharyngometer software can analyze and quantify changes in the airways cross-sectional area. The test is minimally invasive and takes 2-5 minutes to complete.

Acoustic Rhinometer
The Eccovision® Acoustic Rhinometer allows for quick and easy measurements of nasal patency. The device gathers information using acoustic reflection. Sound waves are sent up the nasal passageway and they are reflected back out in such a way that the Eccovision® Acoustic Rhinometer can accurately map out the topography of the nasal airway. This allows us to clearly identify the location and severity of any obstruction in the airway. The test is completely non-invasive and takes 30 seconds to complete.

The SGS Eccovision Acoustic Rhinometer is used daily by many ENT and pulmonary physicians as part of screening and evaluation procedures for patients who present with; Deviated Septum, Allergy, Congestion, Nasal Resistance, Nasal Polyps, Hypertrophied Turbinates and any other type of upper airway obstruction or resistance.

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Embletta with X100 proxy integrates the advanced digital technology and precision engineering of Embletta with a ?exible and innovative proxy. The Embletta X100 system offers the ability to record four ExG channels in ?ve study con?gurations, as well as the traditional respiratory channels. The X100 proxy together with the new, increased memory Embletta and Embla software provide the ?exibility needed to diagnose sleep disorders in sleep clinics, hospitals and home environments.

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