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 The PROCESS FOR PRF Company is the leader all over the world and the creator of the PRF technique. The concept of Platelet Rich Fibrin™ by Dr CHOUKROUN aims to accelerate hard & soft tissues and bone regeneration throughout proven surgical techniques and new treatments concepts. The evidence is more known today: the growth factors are released by platelets and white cells, they need several conditions and other substances to be really successful and to obtain the best results in clinical use: in soft tissue management and bone augmentations.

NEW : Innovations 2017....
         Discover how to extend the flap up to                          3cm, easily....without periosteal incision...
         very softly with the Soft Brushing Kit 
         by Dr Choukroun
           3 in 1 : Sterilization, transport, storage 
           No more paper packaging for the
           sterilization of your instruments
           with the Polysteribox
CHOUKROUN PRF System.... The Original !

  DUO® Quattro Centrifuge

  - Specially designed for using 6 PRF protocols.
  - Tube balancing simplified by the color code.
  - Customizable centrifuge.

  Optimal and stable temperature
  Warranty 2 years.

  Loan of a machine in the event of breakdown
  whenever the date of purchase.

  After Training: Free updates:
  free invitation for next courses.



Obligatory instrument!For high quality membranes
 and constant thickness.
To recover the exudate:
 hydration of biomaterials.
To preserve the membranes
 during surgery.                                                                                                               


A-PRF® Tubes            

New tube for A-PRF protocol.10mL
Medical device

In a sterile bag.
Box of 100 tubes.


i-PRF® Tubes  

New tube for i-PRF protocol. 10mL
Medical device

In a sterile bag.
Box of 50 tubes. 


Blood Collectors      

Venipuncture can be done by the Dental Surgeon
(if he is trained) or by the nurse.

Material: fast collector BC10.
Boxes of 20 collectors.



The tourniquet is used to perform a blood drawing.


Tube Holder    

Is used to hold the tubes and let them rest after
the blood drawing.                        


PRF® Mini Tray          

Used to prepare membranes and too:

- Separate the fibrin clot from the red blood cells
- Cut the membranes
- Fold the membranes
- Make «punches» 


PRF® Bowl  

Is used to mix the membranes cut into small pieces
with biomaterials. It can also be used for the cutting: 
Put the membrane into the bowl and cut it
with PRF 

PRF® Scissors 

Allows to separate easily the fibrin clot from
the red cells and to cut membranes into small pieces.


PRF® Forceps             

Is used to remove and manipulate membranes


PRF® Forceps “Giraffe” 

The forceps giraffe is intended to tunneling the PRF
 membranes for surgical soft tissu
es procedures:
introduce the forceps in the 
tunnel, open the forceps,
block the PRF 
membranes and pull to place the
in the correct position.


PRF® Pad 

Is used to position the PRF membranes easily,
anywhere,using the pad as a cake server. 
The pointed
end of the pad can be introduced in the sinus.

 PRF® Compactor Big          

Allows compacting and tamping the bone filling
materials in the recipient sites (alveoli, sinus,
and goshawks implants).                                                                                                                            


PRF® Compactor Small   

Allows compacting and tamping the bone filling
materials in the recipient sites (alveoli, sinus,
and goshawks implants).                                                                                                                            


PRF® Double Spoon           

Allows collecting and handling the bone filling
materials in the recipient sites (alveoli, sinus,
and goshawks implants).                                                                                                                            

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