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Biox Features Include:

• Simple operation• Wide graphic LCD

• Light weight and ergonomic design•

• Highest image quality & lowest patient dosage

• High frequency, constant-potential Z-ray generator

• Optimized to both analog film and digital sensor

• Easy work with optimal arms• Zero radiation leakage


ETIII Implant System

Hiossen’s ETIII implant surface is Sand blasted with alumina and Acid etched, improving bone to implant contact (BIC) . The SA surface treatment expands the overall surface area of the implant, increasing surface morphology and roughness by 45% when compared to RBM surfaces. In addition, cell differentiation, proliferation and gene expression of proteins associated with osteogenesis were shown to have immediate activation verses RBM treated implants.

Features of the ETIII Implant System:

Optimal Surface Roughness: Ra 2.5 - 3.0

Early Cell Response: 20% faster than RBM

Early Bone Healing: 20% faster than RBM

Early loading possible 6 weeks after placement



Hiossen's Crestal Approach Sinus KIT (CAS-KIT) is specifically designed to easily and safely lift the membrane in the maxillary sinus from a crestal approach. The key component of the CAS-KIT is the CAS-Drill. The unique design of the CAS-Drill enhances convenience and safety of maxillary sinus surgery by; safely lifting the membrane while drilling, precision cutting, flexible cutting speed from low to high speed (800rpm), formation of conical shaped bone chip, generation of bone particles, smooth & stable insertion, easy path correction and septum surgery.


Features of CAS-Kit:

Safely and rapidly lifts the sinus membrane while drilling

Unique Stopper system that prevents over drilling into the sinus cavity

Hydraulic Lift System that easily & safely lifts the membrane

Bone Carrier System for transferring and filling bone material

Bone Spreading System for spreading & compacting bone material

Simple and intuitive surgical system

The ability to combine Osteotome in surgery




SMARTbuilder Titanium Membrane 



SMARTbuilder is a 3-Dimensional pre-formed non-resorbable titanium membrane that provides optimal scaffold design where bone is deficient. SMARTbuilder is available in 3 : Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3, to accommodate any shape of bone deficiency.

Features of SMARTbuilder Titanium Membrane:

 SMARTDesign - Smooth atraumatic edges and preformed shape minimizes potential exposure through soft tissue.

SMART Coverage - Enhances space-maintaining properties, provides stable coverage and secures bone material in place.

SMART Protection - Rigid semi-dome shape withstands bite forces and prevents collapse into the bone graft. Membrane directly connects to the implant for a solid attachment (no membrane migration). 

SMART Application - Optimal preformed shape to minimize or eliminate the need for additional modifications. (No bending and cutting necessary. ­­No need for tacks! )

SMART Healing - Optimized pore patterns allow diffusion of fluids and growth factors, while creating a barrier for cell occlusion between soft and hard tissue, allowing bone to regenerate.


Type 1                                   Type 2                                 Type 3







Los Angeles Hiossen Meeting

October 20, 2013   8:00AM – 6:00PM

CE: 7

Millennium Hotel Biltmore Los Angeles

506 S. Grand Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90071

CALL 562-402-9250 TO REGISTER!


Dr. Jon Suzuki                         Current Issues in Periodontics

Dr. David Chong                     When Prosthodontics Meet Guided Bone Regeneration.

Dr. Stephen Kallaos               Implant Site Development

Dr. Luiz Ruiz                              The Logical Approach to Implant Dentistry

Dr. Shervin Molayem            Immediate Implants in the Esthetic Zone

Dr. Eugene Kim                       Implant Restoration Options for Fully Edentulous Patients

Dr. Jone Kim                             Posterior Immediate Implant Placement





AIC Basic Implant Course

Located in Over 25 Cities Across the U.S.      Call Us Toll Free: 1-855-835-3950

What this course has to offer:

 Review of anatomic considerations significant in the surgical placement of dental implants

 Review of potential dental implant selection criteria

  Fabrication of radiographic and surgical stents

  Revision of basic surgical protocol for implant dentistry, including flap design, soft and hard tissue management and suturing techniques







  Demonstration of implant restoration using step-by-step and hands-on training in both the surgical and prosthetic phases

  Live implant surgery performed by participant under the supervision of course faculty

  Preparation of candidates for the next level of  implantology   


AIC CAS-Kit Seminar

Located in Over 25 Cities Across the U.S.         Call Us Toll Free: 1-855-835-3950

After participating in the Crestal Approach Sinus Kit Seminar, you will be:

  Familiar with crestal approach sinus lift concepts

  Aware of the advantages and limits of a crestal approach

  Proficient in the anatomy of the sinus

  Knowledgeable about the features of the CAS Kit

  Able to safely perform this procedure in your office











BIOX Portable X-Ray

Special Price Exclusive to DentalXP!


Features of BIOX Portable X-Ray

Simple operation

Wide graphic LCD

Light weight and ergonomic design

Highest image quality & lowest patient dosage







High frequency, constant-potential Z-ray generator
Optimized to both analog film and digital sensor 
Easy work with optimal arms

Zero radiation leakage



    85 Ben Fairless Drive • Fairless Hills, PA 19030 • TEL: 1-888-678-0001
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Chris Kim
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