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 The fastest, easiest and most
efficient bone augmentation material the market has ever seen.


Ø All-in-One Syringe

Ø Less than 1 min is required for Graft placement and stabilization

Ø Improved outcomes

Ø Shortens Healing Time

Ø Membrane use is not essential
Ø Significant reduction in overall cost




“The ultimate goal for bone regeneration is vital bone formation.  Having used many graft materials over the years, I have found 3D Bond™ as one of my favorite materials, giving an advantage in handling due to its cemental properties and the ability to transfer rapidly to vital bone.  I have been using the material extensively in my everyday procedures with high satisfaction. Bond Apatite® is a recent improvement to the material which gives the user the ability to have a pre-mixed material for large defect reconstruction."






"I have used many forms of graft materials.  3D bond is very easy to use.  Patients love that it is made of calcium sulfate, the oldest bone replacement graft.  Most importantly, as this is a biphasic calcium sulfate, it sets in the presence of both blood and saliva.  The analysis of numerous cases shows that it predictably forms bone in many parts of the mouth and often doesn't even need a barrier. Because of those reasons and the cost savings over other graft and barrier combinations it has greatly increased patient accepting of bone grafting procedures."



“I have been using augma bone cement for over two years. The main reason I decided to use augma was the fact that I have an osteoconductive material that I can safely and predictably bring to the surgical site and could expect bone. The delivery system and ease of use are an excellent benefit. Grafting large posterior sockets is done easily and FAST. I even uses the cement as a membrane over a sinus window, or other large defects that needed support - In many applications no tacks or screws required. I highly recommend adding augma bone cement to one's clinical grafting armamentarium.


Diplomate American Board of Oral Implantology / Implant Dentistry ( 



Ø  Ease of use and simplicity
Ø  Biocompatible

Ø  Replaced 100% by the patient’s own bone

Ø  Shortens Healing Time between 
Ø  Can be used as a Membrane



dental bone graft material




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