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Why FirstFit?

FirstFit is a Guided Prosthetics Delivery System that utilizes the latest digital technology to provide you with 3D printed prep guides and the final ready-to-seat restoration at the same time. The use of this guided system enables clinicians to provide predictable and consistently esthetic restorations while reducing the patient's time in the chair.

Using proprietary CAD software, a designer creates a digital prep for the tooth using a series of prep guides while also creating the crown, bridge or veneer to fit this preparation.

Aprrove Prep
Approve digital prep design before any prep begins
Preserve Tooth
Conserve more natural tooth structure
Imporve Patient Experience
Improve patient convenience and minimize chairtime
Temporary Appointment
Eliminate temporary appointment from treatment plan
Zirlux Zirconia and other highly esthetic and strong material options
Bill at Time of Diagnosis
Bill at the time of diagnosis
Fewer remakes by eliminating blood and swollen gingiva from impression
FirstFit Guided Bridge Delivery System

FirstFit Guided Bridge Delivery System
Using this System you are now able to restore your patient’s missing teeth with a minimally invasive solution that maintains their adjacent healthy tooth structure.

FirstFit Guided Crown Delivery System

FirstFit Guided Crown Delivery System
The FirstFit Guided Crown Delivery System increases the predictability and efficiency of the final restoration by allowing you to see the final restoration and preparation before any prep is made.

FirstFit Guided Veneer Delivery System

FirstFit Guided Veneer Delivery System
The revolutionary Delivery Tray System allows you to place all the veneers at the same time. The tray gives you full visibility of the veneers and teeth so seating, angulation, and the margins are all perfectly aligned.

Interested in getting started with FirstFit?

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