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Do you know how the Magnetic Mallet works? 

Discover the secret of Magnetic Dynamic Technology for oral surgery in the video!


The magnetic dynamic pulse makes extractions simple eliminating manual force with Total Control. Complex extractions become easier due to the design, shape and working lengths of the extraction instrument kit, adaptable to most situations. We show it in the following video animation:




GENOA is a new set of instruments for the Magnetic Mallet and was created for the performance of the first approach on the thinnest crests by dealing with the bone in total safety. Designed and manufactured with sharp and performing tips, the instruments included in the GENOA set will allow you to perform the horizontal expansion without any bone tissue removal while using a single device.

GENOA full set of instruments:


 FIRST Engraver

Osseotouch recently launched a new instrument for the Magnetic Mallet with its sharp apex that allows to perform of completely drills-free procedure, even when dealing with thick cortical bone. Thanks to the geometry of FIRST’s apex, it is possible to get the right direction from the first impulse without resorting to bone consuming devices, without removing any bone and without the necessity of irrigate the area. 

Here is the lanceolate tip:

Visit our website: for more information about the Magnetic Mallet applications, to watch more clinical videos and much more!

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