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Brasseler USA® – Putting the instruments you trust into your hands

For nearly 40 years, Brasseler USA® has provided dental and medical professionals with an innovative, comprehensive line of quality instrumentation with a proven reputation, high quality and predictable, consistent performance.

Brasseler USA®‘s direct-to-customer sales model provides exceptional value to its customers. For nearly four decades, Brasseler USA® sales representatives have had a reputation for providing friendly, practical customer service.

Click the video image below to learn more about DuraBraze™

DuraBraze® Hand Instruments
"Different by Design"
Our patented DuraBraze line introduces new diamond instrument technology to your operatory. The precision-engineered instruments feature revolutionary improvements in diamond crystal bonding and spacing to deliver better performance, precision and predictability to your crown prep procedures.
Brasseler USA's hand instruments are hollow, lightweight stainless steel for enhanced tactile sensitivity and have an extended handle neck to assist with correct finger placement and adaptation. Handle finishing enhances slip-free grip in gloved hands. Instruments are available in a new matte finish to reduce glare from enhanced lighting. Find your complete line of Hygiene, Diagnostic, Restorative and Surgery instruments at Brasseler USA.
Dialite® Feather Lite™
VisionFlex™ Diamond /Serrated Saw Combo Strips
Brasseler USA introduces a revolutionary new addition to the Dialite® family of porcelain polishers: Feather Lite™. Feather Lite's flexible spirals are designed to separate and "feather" out. This feathering helps maintain surface differentiation when polishing porcelain restorations, allowing the instrument to quickly adapt to any surface including occlusal, interproximal and contact areas.
In addition to our extensive line of interproximal strip line, Brasseler USA has a new combination diamond and saw blade strip. This versatile strip will help meet all of our interproximal finishing and stripping needs by allowing you to move quickly from one application to the next, eliminating the need for two different strips.

SabreCut Carbide Oral Surgery Carbides
With sharp, deeply transversing blades at the tip, SabreCut carbides exhibit rapid end-cutting and the unique blade configuration disperses stress evenly, making them ideal for the toughest task. Brasseler offers an extensive line of oral surgery carbides ideal for bone cutting, contouring, sectioning teeth and implant pilot holes.
Operative Carbides Peter Brasseler Series™ Premium Diamonds
Brasseler carbides adhere to extremely tight quality assurance tolerances and are precision fluted for maximum cutting efficiency and smoothness.

Peter Brasseler Series premium diamonds adhere to tighter-than-ISO quality assurance standards. Each instrument has the ideal adhesion layer thickness which strikes the perfect balance between adhesion and exposure, providing you with a fast cutting, long lasting instrument.

Dialite® Polishers LD Grinders™ ET® ProviPro Polishers ET® Flex
Brasseler USA offers Dialite Polishers to meet all of your porcelain polishing needs. These diamond impregnated polishers are available in a wide assortment of sizes for both intra and extra-oral use as well as coarse, medium and fine grits allowing you to quickly adjust, pre-polish and bring the high surface smoothness and shine back to any type of porcelain restoration. These specialty grinders available exclusively from Brasseler USA are designed to quickly adjust and contour Lithium Disilicate and Zirconia. Made from a heat resistant material, these grinders will help you avoid micro fractures when working with these delicate modern ceramics. The ET ProviPro Cotton Buff polishers, exclusive to Brasseler USA, allow you to quickly polish provisional's and other acrylic and composite based products, at chair side. No need for the rag wheel and pumice with this easy to use two-step system that will produce fast results leaving a high gloss shine and ultra surface smoothness. The patented, safe, flexible design of the ET Flex allows you to adapt the strip to meet all of your interproximal stripping, finishing and contouring needs. Grip the ET Flex at or above the crossbar and the strip becomes taut for contact areas. Grip the ET Flex below the crossbar and the strips curves, allowing you to perfectly adapt to any contour.

Endodontic File System
XP-3D Finisher BT RaCe™ Endodontic Files EndoSequence®
BC-RRM Fast Set Putty™
Designed with several performance-enhancing patented features, the NiTi ESX Rotary File System is for powerful yet minimally invasive performance, maximizing the long-term success of the treated tooth. Features for the NEW XP-3D Finisher include:

• Allows for thorough, you minimally invasive 3-dimensional cleaning.
• Compatible with all shaping techniques and products.
• Compatible with all endo motors (no power instrument).
• Features patented MaxWire™ technology.
BT Race™ endodontic instruments have exclusive advantages including a patented alternating cutting edge/non-screw in design, electropolished finish, and triangular cross section. These features maximize flexibility, cutting efficiency/debris removal and safety. EndoSequence® BC RRM-Fast Set Putty™ contains the same characteristics as our tried-and-true BC RRM-Paste™ and BC RRM-Putty™ but with a new fast set chemistry and an improved Sanidose™ syringe delivery. No mixing, no waste, no cross-contamination and, best of all, you get a consistently perfect unit dose putty plug with every application. Our new BC RRM-Fast Set Putty™ is even more resistant to washout than our market-leading BC RRM-Putty™!

Rotary Files
BC Sealer
KontrolFlex K-Files EndoSequence®
Root Repair Material
EndoSquence Rotary Files have a precision tip, are extensively electropolished and feature a reduced cross-section thickness to provide increased sharpness of the cutting edges, improving overall cutting efficiency. The patented ACP (Alternating Contract Point™) design centers the file without the need for radial lands maximizing flexibility and minimizing torque requirements. A bioceramic sealer and bioceramic point which allows you to achieve 3-dimensional bonded obturation at room temperature with absolutely zero shrinkage! KontrolFlex K-Files are manufactured of high quality stainless steel for optimal strength and flexibility. Available in standard and stiff and in 19, 21, 25 and 31mm lengths. Premixed and injectable, this highly radiopaque and hydrophilic material has a very small particle size and unique composition which allows it to bond to dentin.  This product utilizes the moisture naturally present in the dentin to initiate and complete its setting reaction and is anti-bacterial during set due to its highly alkaline PH.

The powerful NL9000 sets the standard for high speed air handpiece featuring lightweight titanium, quick disconnect, fiber optics and a 2 year warranty. The advanced clinical electric system offers the lightest motor in its class, a powerful 3.4 Ncm of torque and LED fiber optics. The BSPMICRO™ Small Bone Power System offers a wide range of drills for a variety of oral surgery procedures and is fully compatible with Linvatec® Hall® pneumatic system.
Forza™ F5 EndoSequence® 2 Brasseler MINI™
Constructed of lightweight, high strength titanium, the Forza™ attachments are a masterpiece of aesthetic and structural engineering. The state-of-the-art gear design incorporated in the Forza™ attachments delivers smoother performance and increased durability. The E-Type Forza™ attachments are compatible with most electric motors on the market and come in a wide range of gear ratios that offer the perfect solution for your practice. The Cordless Endodontic micromotor provides an easy-to-read LCD screen along with a miniature head, torque control and auto-reverse. Small in size, but big in performance, the Brasseler Mini high-speed handpiece offers a super miniature head size that provides maximum access and visibility. A revolution in handpiece design, the Brasseler Mini is a necessity for your limited access cases. An ultra-sleek, lightweight handpiece featuring: fiber optic light, ceramic ball bearings, single-port water spray, quick disconnect swivel, and an easy to replace turbine.

BrasselerVE Loupes HygienePro Disposable Products HygienePro™ Cushion Grip Handles
Available in through-the-lens and flip-up styles, BrasselerVE 2.5 magnification loupes provide ergonomic design with outstanding depth of field for greater freedom, comfort and efficiency. Featuring compression-molded cups for concentricity and reduced paste splatter, HygienePro Disposable Prophy Angles, Cups and Brushes provide outstanding results. The ideal consistency of HygienePro Glisten Prophy Paste rinses quickly and easily from tooth surfaces and is specifically formulated to create less mess for you and your patients. Soft silicone grips and a unique knurling pattern ensure an ergonomic, slip-free grip. Available in all top selling scaler and curette patterns, HygienePro Cushion Grip instruments are ideally balanced and lightweight at just 20 grams to reduce hand fatigue.
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