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Through dentists, technicians, hygienists and other dental professionals around the world,
GC's quality dental care products make a major contribution to patient health.

As a dental product manufacturer of globasdal standing, GC Corporation constantly seeks to produce
original products that are environmentally friendly as well as patient friendly,
while at the same time taking great care to minimize the impact of manufacturing processes
on the environment.

Producing products that are people friendly and earth friendly, we will continue to
create highly value-added products so as to provide oral health to the people of the world
during the 21st century, a century we regard as the century of health.

Since its establishment in 1921, GC has constantly sought to make a contribution to dental care.
This is based on its corporate philosophy of Semui and the three management principles of
Contributing to the environment and society by improving oral hygiene, Improving corporate
quality and meeting customer expectations, and Forming a team of associates brimming with energy and respect.

The world is undergoing a process of rapid transformation towards an increasingly borderless
global community that is attaching greater importance to health and a clean environment.
Japan too is witnessing a change towards a completely new social structure with the advent of a society,
which is a commingling of the digital network society, and one based on a falling birth rate and

In response to these trends, GC advocates and practices what it calls GC's Quality Management,
or GQM for short. Based on a clear vision, the optimal siting of operations from a global perspective,
world-beating production methods, close contact with users, use of information technology,
and of course people, GQM offers a way by which each Associate can exercise his or her skills and
foresight in a particular field to provide products, information and services highly valued by customers.

Our aim is to continue to develop and make breakthroughs as a global yet distinctive dental care company,
ensuring that the 21st ceasdfntury is truly the century of health.

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