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The Magnetic Mallet and its Use in Daily Practice - Clinical Perspective

A webinar hosted by
Fabio Manuel Filannino, DDS


When: Wednesday
August 28, 2019
24 HOURS - ALL DAY (NY Time)

In our implant daily practice we often have to deal with conservative root’s extractions, thin crestal bone and poor quality alveolar bone, especially in the posterior areas where it is often necessary to increase the height of the residual bone after dental loss. We know many techniques to manage those situations, like guided bone regeneration with resorbable and non resorbable membranes, block bone grafts, cortical lamina with autogenous bone, crestal and lateral sinus lift, horizontal and vertical split ridge techniques. To perform the split crest technique and the crestal sinus lift we have used during the years many kind of osteotomes and bone expanders with manual hammers with great results in terms of quality and quantity amount of bone achieved with these techniques, and especially better morbidity during the healing period and the necessary costs in time and money for the patients. The aim of this writing is to analyze the use of an osteotome technique that I perform using a machine that is more precise than the traditional manual mallet, that you can manage using both hands. The magnetic mallet has several tips of different shapes and diameters to manage the native bone and to move it apically and around the implant.

About the machine, it is a device based on a EU/US patent of invention in oral surgery. It uses magnetism to generate a very important acceleration of the osteotomes that maximizes the forces applied to the bone (making the procedure fast and efficient) and in the meantime minimizes the inertia and discomfort for the patient. Such speed doesn’t cause any bone heating therefore irrigation water is not needed.


Fabio Manuel Filannino, DDS Fabio Manuel Filannino

Dr. Fabio Manuel Filannino

  • - 1998: Dentist at Dental Department and the Italian Navy - Locations of Venice (VE) and Ancona (AN)
  • - Since 1999: Self-employed at his own office in Pesaro (PU) - Italy
  • - Since 2000: Consultant in implantology and oral surgery at several dental offices.
  • - Since 2008: Consultant in implantology and oral surgery at Sanident - Milan (MI) - Italy
  • - Since 2014: Resident Consultant in implantology, oral surgery and prosthetics - Besana in Brianza (MB) - Italy
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