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Biofunctional Dynamic Occlusion

A webinar hosted by
Javier Vasquez, DMD, CDT


When: Wednesday
October 16, 2019
ALL DAY - 24 HOURS (NY Time)

Biofunctional Dynamic Occlusion is a comprehensive approach between occlusion, posture, and function. It has a phase I for therapeutic stability where we use the latest technology that has allowed us to observe the real dynamics in the human body by integrating Galileos, SICAT Function, SICAT JMT. It then involves a phase II Biofunctional rehabilitation that may involve prosthetics and orthopedic facial development.

Overall, this lecture will create an understanding and relationship between the cervical spine and mandibular movements and the trilogy between Joints, Muscles and Occlusion. Most of the patients that we treat for dysfunction, were compromised during the early stages of growth and development. Overtime these created accommodations and compensations in the system induced by the physiology of the airway.

After a proper structural, functional analysis, and diagnostic, phase II offers the alternative of orthopedic facial development where we can restructure the architecture of the face and the airway.


Javier Vasquez, DMD, CDT Javier Vasquez

is a researcher and developer of the concept: "Biofunctional Dynamic Occlusion", a different perspective of occlusion. He has been trained in all areas related with physiology and occlusion in all different academies of occlusion around the world.

He has dedicated this past 10 years to educate dentists all over the world with his lectures and individual consulting. He has a training center in Miami where he teaches courses for dentists in different areas of physiology and occlusion...
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