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Esthetic Tissue Reconstruction Around Implants - Part 1 of 2

A webinar hosted by
Robert Carvalho da Silva, DDS, PhD


When: Wednesday
April 14, 2021
ALL DAY - 24 HOURS (NY Time)

Esthetics in implant-supported restorations is an important clinical objective in contemporary dentistry. Understanding the biological behavior of hard and soft tissues following tooth extraction is the first step to anticipate the physiological tissue remodeling and its consequences. Our objective in these 2 sequential lectures was to provide straightforward decision trees related to several clinical scenarios observed in routine clinical practice. The 3 fundamental pillars for peri-implant excellence are: restorative-driven implant position, hard and soft tissue reconstruction using different biomaterials and grafts, and prosthetic management. Using this philosophical approach seems to provide esthetic and stable results over time irrespective of the initial clinical condition.


Robert Carvalho da Silva, DDS, PhD Robert Carvalho da Silva

received his dental degree from Uberlândia Federal University in 1994. Is board certificated in Periodontics at the Brazilian Dental Association/Brasília section in 1997, and completed his Master (2002) and PhD (2004) programs at Piracicaba Dental School/ Campinas University.

He was the first recipient of the first edition of the e Bud Tarson award granted by the AAP (2005), and one of the winners of the “Growth Against Recession – Esthetic case competition” - esthetic case book (2011). ...
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