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Minimally Invasive Composite Addition Exercise

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brian mills

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Dr Brian Mills will share the Typodont Composite Addition Exercise that is taught as part of the Complete Dentistry Study Club 6 session class series. The class series is dedicated to teaching minimally invasive dental procedures to diagnose and treat your patients that have occlusal dysfunction and damaged dentition. You will learn the 5 basic types of composite additions used for doing minimally invasive composite addition dentistry and how to properly sequence your treatment. At the end of the class you should be able to use the techniques in your daily practice to help your patients.



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brian mills

Brian C. Mills D.M.D. 1980: Graduated Tufts School of Dental Medicine 1981: Completed one year GPR Irwin Army Hospital 1980-83: Active duty US Army 1983-present: Private p...See Bio

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