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The Biomimetic Approach to Saving Teeth: Minimally Invasive Restorations and Periodontal Surgery

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Simone Deliperi

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Stress reduced composite restorations now play a significant role in minimally invasive restorative dentistry. When combined with micro-periodontal surgical grafting techniques to alter gingival levels these procedures save teeth and warrant further consideration in our daily treatment. Our ability to minimize tooth reduction during tooth preparation and still maintain a strength of material and of bonding on previously exposed root surfaces as well as endodontically treated teeth is the future of a truly biomimetic approach. This presentation highlights this biomimetic approach to treatment and showcases the clinicians ability to provide long term management of both function and esthetics. It should open our eyes to the potential of maintaining the dentition of our patients rather than crown or implant replacement.



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Simone Deliperi

Simone Deliperi was born in Cagliari (Italy) in 1974. Dr Deliperi graduated from the University of Cagliari in 1998 and completed the Esthetic Dentistry fellowship at Tufts University in 2000....See Bio

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