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The Key Role of the Provisional Restoration as a Blueprint in Esthetic Tx

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Michael Apa, DDS, PC

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Thru the direct Aesthetic Provisional Application technique, the provisional will serve as a preparation guide, aesthetic guide to both patient and lab as well as an occlusal guide. This gives the practitioner total control over the case, gives the patient a true visualization of what the permanent teeth will look like and gives the laboratory an accurate tooth position to be copied into final form. The d-APA is done with flowable compostite in the patient’s mouth thru a series of additions and reductions to the teeth to gain final position. Although challenging, the technique becomes very rewarding by placing artistry and control into the hands of the dentist.



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Michael Apa, DDS, PC

Dr. Michael Apa is the Assistant Clinical Professor, New York University College of Dentistry Aesthetics Department; Senior Clinical Director Aesthetic Advantage Continuing Education program New Yor...See Bio

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