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CAD/CAM Anterior and Posterior Implant Restorations - Ceramics, Abutments and Design

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Dean Vafiadis

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Fabrication and design of implant abutments has been previously published. Using CAD/CAM software to design the final abutments has also increased precision of designs and decrease in laboratory fabrication times. The specific design programs require information from the clinician to better understand each specific tooth emergence for each site. Using radiographs, tissue bio-types and algorithmic equations, the design technician together with the clinician can better design the final contours and emergence that is necessary for ideal tissue support and long term tissue stability. The use of intra-oral digital acquisition units can also help the fabrication of CAD/CAM restorations that follow the emergence from the abutment to the final restoration. Using a coded healing abutment such as Encode® (Biomet 3I, Palm Beach Gardens, FL.) can further facilitate the transfer of digital information from the clinical environment to the laboratory, in a matter of minutes. In addition, the digital scan of the occlusal relationships are more precise and accurate than any stone casts. The use of in-office CAD/CAM techniques will be highlighted to fabricate implant posterior and anterior implant crowns. The new monolithic and feldspathic ceramic blocks can be utilized to fabricate life-like color and translucency as well as fit and marginal integrity. Computerized and CAD/CAM prosthodontic care of our patients can be more efficient, more predictable and save chair time for our patients.