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Reconstruction of Tooth Form in Various Anatomical Tooth Combinations

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giuseppe romeo

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The present article describes the variations in form of anterior teeth, which are important in achieving an aesthetic result. Each tooth is shaped according to the task it must perform and that will enable it to blend harmoniously into the oral cavity. The shape of the anterior teeth, very important from the aesthetic point of view, is dealt with from the standpoint of the dental technician. The numerous possibilities for anatomical tooth reproduction, in order to achieve the most suitable form for each particular case, are highlighted. In particular, the relationship between surfaces and the line of ridges and grooves is established, analyzing these in terms of their development during tooth creation. This is achieved by sectioning the three principal forms of tooth, and using their individual characteristics, which are then combined, to construct a new form. The purpose is to make available different anatomical tooth combinations that will enable us to go beyond the usual uninteresting creative standard.