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Performance Esthetics - The Vertical Shoulder Laminate Preparation - VSL Veneers

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John Schwartz

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The Vertical Shoulder Laminate (VSL) Veneer is based upon a unique preparation design that enables accurate reproduction of the facial anatomy of anterior teeth. Traditional veneer preparations focus on conservative tooth reduction, yet little effort is made to ensure that the definitive restoration will have a sufficient structural design to maintain structural integrity under stress. Due to the clinician's desire to perform conservative tooth preparation, anatomic accuracy in the cervical third, incisal third, and interproximal aspects of traditional veneer preparations are neglected. As a result the ceramist is forced to compromise the esthetic and structural quality of the veneer. The VSL veneer preparation design emphasizes tooth morphology rather than conservative reduction. The idea is to provide a stable base on which to build a structurally sound and accurate restoration. Used in conjunction with the VSL veneer preparation the ceramist can recreate tooth contour in the facial, interproximal, cervical, and incisal aspects, which were previously unfeasible with a chamfered margin laminate preparation. If attention is given to to certain anatomic components during the preparation phase, the resultant biomimetic behavior of the porcelain laminate veneer can be optimized.