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Proof of Principle: human histologic demonstration of socket healing with socket shield and grafting using non-demineralized autologous tooth dentin graft

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Aim: Human histologic evidence for the healed socket with socket shield has not yet been available. This clinical report aims to provide histological data of socket with socket shield and grafted with non-demineralized autologous tooth dentin graft 16 weeks after the first surgery. Materials and Methods: A socket shield with adjacent hard tissue was retrieved using a hollow trephine four months after the socket shield preparation and socket grafting with non-demineralized dentin autograft. The tissue was submitted for histological analysis. Results: The hard tissue composed of new bone, in direct contact with the residual dentin graft particles, filled the socket. Fibrovascular stroma was interposed between the dentin autograft embedded in the new bone and the lingual aspect of the socket shield surface. Unlike the buccal side, the polarized light microscopy confirmed the lack of cementum, periodontal ligament, and Sharpey’s fibers on the lingual side of the shield.Intimate contact of bone to the shield was evident on the apical end. Conclusion: Non-demineralized dentin autograft may prevent soft tissue ingrowth along the lingual socket shield surface. A thin layer of fibrovascular stroma was interposed between the new bone with residual dentin particles and the lingual socket shield surface.