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“The Transition Zone”: The Critical Esthetic Triad of Bone, Tissue & Restoration

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Konstantinos Valavanis,

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The achievement of an aesthetic implant-supported restoration is a constant challenge to the restorative dentist. Due to the circular shape of the implant and its smaller diameter, when compared to the root of a natural tooth, a dilemma inevitably occurs of how to construct an artificial crown that will imitate the natural tooth crown form. The appearance of the surrounding soft tissue “the transition zone” is of major importance, and various techniques have been developed to guide its topography. The lecture will show key factors and parameters through clinical procedures in order to achieve a sound aesthetic outcome in different treatment scenarios.



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Konstantinos Valavanis

Dr. Valavanis attended the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens Dental School, Greece, where he received his degree in dentistry in 2000. After graduating he was trained in implant dentis...See Bio

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