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The Critical “Pink” Interface in Esthetic Dentistry—A Cross-Disciplinary Approach: Options, Limitations, and Solutions

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David Garber

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This program is a perspective into how cross- disciplinary interface planning has become and integral part of clinical esthetic dentistry, in particular implant diagnostics. Today it is essential to combine “white” tooth esthetics with “pink” gingival aspects. Understanding the individual prosthetic, surgical, and biologic limitations is part of innovative treatment-planning protocols developed in an approach to provide, simplify, and expedite minimally invasive limited therapy. Preemptive CBCT and 3D CAD/CAM planning of soft and hard tissue procedures, implant placement, ridge reduction, and restorative design now utilize new innovative protocols for the entire restoration from top to bottom - implant, abutment, and restoration - and the interfaces in between.



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David Garber

Dr. David Garber has a dual appointment at the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry, in Augusta Georgia, as Clinical Profe...See Bio

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