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10 Tips About Aesthetic Implantology That Will Help You in Your Daily Practice

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Dr. Francisco Teixera Barbosa

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Nowadays, implantology is a predictable area and well-accepted by scientific community for missing or doubtful prognosis tooth reposition. More than 30 years ago, Brånemark and col. published the first articles that presented implantology as a safe and predictable method to rehabilitate edentulous patients if a standard protocol is performed, in which one of the key factors were the time the implant was submerged until loading (3 months for the jaw and 6 months to the maxilla)(Bränemark 1977). Years later, Albrektsson establishes a success criteria for every treatment involving implants, where implants should be absent of mobility, pain, radioluscence around the implant, and the bone loss should never be more than 1,5 mm and 0,2 mm per year (Albrektsson 1986). Although this is a prevailing criteria, at that time treatment involving implants were mainly functional and aesthetics were at most at the time not a mandatory requirement. Smith et al. just three years later established that aesthetic have also an important role on a successful implant treatment (Smith 1989). For that there are some golden rules that every implantologist should manage in order to achieve predictable results on the aesthetic zone and in this article there will be described ten rules that everyone should consider: