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The Bio-Derm Ridge Plumping Technique for Pontic Site Development

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Nicholas Toscano, Dan Holtzclaw, DDS, MS

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Implant, Bone Grafting,
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In the esthetic zone of the maxilla a proper emergence profile, predicated on healthy normal marginal gingival tissues with intact interdental papillae, is critical to achieving esthetically pleasing traditional fixed and implant supported restorations. Adequate soft tissue morphology, however, is dependent upon a stable, adequate volume of underlying bone capable of serving as a viable, biologic foundation for overlying soft tissues. Without the harmony afforded by a proper balance of underlying bone and overlying soft tissue, esthetic restorations are not possible, especially in the anterior maxilla. Frequently, however,alveolar bone loss disturbs that critical balance,resulting in marginal tissue distortion, recession and loss of esthetically crucial interdental papillae. Bone loss is common in the esthetic zone and can result from multiple precipitating events, the most common following tooth extraction. Multiple studies have documented predictable 3 mm to 4 mm of buccolingual and apicocoronal ridge resorption within 6 months after removal of maxillary anterior teeth. If left untreated up to 50% buccolingual bone loss will occur after one year post tooth removal in the critical esthetic zone.