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“IPG-DET Technique” The Evolution of New Age Concept

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“IPG” DET protocol: a pioneer technique of internal bone regeneration in the sinus without the need of sinus floor elevation (SFE) Patients suffering from maxilla deficiencies are treated with extensive bone transplantation and Sinus Floor Elevation (SFE) procedures, in order to accomplish a successful and stable dental implantation. In 2014, “IPG” DET – called the Ioannis P. Georgakopoulos Dentist Education Institute Technique – has been proven a solid and reliable alternative to SFE. Actually, “IPG” DET is a well-established, simple, safe, efficient and cost-effective dental implantation protocol that combines a complex of fibrin, concentrated growth factors and CD34+ stem cells (fibrin membrane) along with bone grafting and intentional perforation of the Schneider’s membrane towards a rapid implant insertion. The use of CD34+ stem cells from the same patient and the sinus membrane perforation present the main differences of “IPG DET” compared to all other techniques and methods of SFE. With “IPG” DET, sinus gains the ability to adapt to new conditions and form new bone bilaterally to implant. Based on the promising results from “IPG” DET protocol implementation in clinical practice, this atraumatic regenerative technique is expected to receive considerable attention from dentists in the near future as an alternative to SFE



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