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CBCT Planning and Guided Implant Surgery - Surgical and Restorative State-of-the-Art

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Prof. Dr. Orlando Alvarez,

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Implant treatment is one of the most exciting areas of dental therapy. Within the last 30 years, we have been able to develop and discover new techniques, instruments, software and equipment that have made this therapy more secure and predictable, such as the CBCT and the guided surgery, today with the guided systems we are able to have our implants “in the right” place considering the bone, the prosthesis, the biomechanics and the esthetic…this lecture will show you step by step how to reach awesome results in complex full arch cases in a secure and simple way even with immediate extraction and immediate implant placement.



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Prof. Dr. Orlando Alvarez

DDS, University of Chile Master Degree in Implants and Oral Rehabilitation, University Andrés Bello Clinical training in the Branemark System; Valdivia Clinic; with the patronage of the Bra...See Bio

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