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Surgical Management of Posterior Mandible

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Raquel Gomes

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Implant therapy is a recognized treatment for edentulous areas with long term success. Nevertheless in some critical situations we have to use complex techniques of advanced oral surgery and bone regeneration to permit the implant placement avoiding the damage of important anatomical structures, like the inferior alveolar nerve (IAN). In severe cases of posterior mandible atrophy we have to use very specific techniques to solve the problem. In these techniques we can consider the nerve transposition and the nerve lateralization. The techniques of nerve manipulation for implant placement are going to be explained in detail with some clinical cases. With this lecture we pretend to clear that oral neurosurgery is not a myth and can be a reality in specific extreme cases.



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Raquel Gomes

• Dental Medical Doctor by the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Oporto (FMDUP) (1996-2002) • Post-graduation in Implantology in Sweden (2002) • Specialization Course i...See Bio

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