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Excessive Gingival Display Managed by Surgical Lip Reposition, Aesthetic Crown Lengthening and Veneers

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Kenneth Valladares,

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Excessive gingival display can be managed by a variety of treatment modalities, depending on the etiology. Mild and moderate gummy smiles can be successfully treated by periodontal plastic surgery, however for excessive gingival display as in cases of VME II or III with 5 to 8 mm or more of gingival exposure this procedure is not enough. Many patients decline the more invasive Le Fort osteotomy and opt for a less invasive surgical lip repositioning procedure. Currently Botox is used as alternative, but this is only a temporary treatment with very short effectiveness. That is why we suggest surgical lip repositioning as an effective procedure to reduce gingival display by positioning the upper lip in a more coronal location. The long-term stability of the results remains to be seen, but it holds promise as an alternative treatment to more invasive procedures



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Kenneth Valladares

Dr. Kenneth P. Valladares Graduated from Central University College of Dentistry with DDS (Ecuador, 1995). Certificate in Prosthodontics from INCAFOE (Ecuador, 1997). Certificate ...See Bio

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