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revisiting the papilla in 2015...


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Revisiting the Papilla in 2015 - Part 1 of 2

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David Garber

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Soft Tissue,


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In dental esthetics the regeneration of a compromised papilla , remains the most complex aspect of any reconstructive endeavor. The original 5mm Rule was found to exist only for a papilla bordered by 2 teeth and was expanded into a classification of 6 Types dependent on alternative adjacent support.e. implants or pontics. While different surgical techniques can restore most aspects of a ridge deficiency,as part of the soft tissue restorative frame, the regeneration of lost proximal papilla form is surgically limited to those papillae bordered on each side by a pontic The Classification of 6 types of papilla defects is based on the specifics of the restorative support on either side of the individual site,and can therefore be a tooth, implant or pontic, or combinations of the 3. The resultant possible 6 combinations or classes of papilla have different mean "predictable achievable papilla height dimensions" which, range from 3 mm between 2 implants to more than double that between adjacent pontics, where it may exceed 6 mm.



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David Garber

Dr. David Garber has a dual appointment at the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry, in Augusta Georgia, as Clinical Profe...See Bio

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