April 18, 2012
A Different Kind of Platform Shifting to Preserve Bone and Soft Tissue - Part 1 of 3  
  Root Canal Perforations - Diagnosis and Treatment - Part 1 of 3
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Alan Fetner, DMD

Dr. Fetner discusses the essentials of placing a Ankylos Implant in the esthetic zone. The key is subcrestal positioning to allow maximum facial bone and implants with smaller diameters. Variable subcrestal positioning is also discussed leading to a wider use of stock abutments. Provisionals and tissue management is emphasized. Proper implant placement, site section and abutment management has been shown to result in very favorable outcomes. Dr. Fetner supports his clinical technique with recent publications that he and others have contributed.
The Art of Interdisciplinary Aesthetic Dentistry
Michael Apa, DDS, PC

The goal of this webinar is to be able to give practicing dentists a complete aesthetic checklist to be able to diagnose and treatment plan as well as execute difficult interdisciplinary aesthetic cases. We will discuss the use of a diagnostic mock up that will convey the final tooth position and serve as a preparation guide. We will discuss color and temporization techniques and cementation techniques along with recommended products for different types of cases.
  Leandro Pereira, DDS, MSc

In this dynamic video presentation, Dr. Leandro Pereira details the diagnosis and variable options for the management and treatment of root perforations. The advantages of CBCT in the diagnostic and evaluation phase as well as surgical microscopy in the treatment phase are discussed. A thorough algorithm that includes location, size and shape of the perforation is presented to guide the clinician in assessing the potential for success in clinical intervention. Materials as well as surgical vs. non-surgical treatments are also discussed.
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  An Evidence-Based Endodontic Implant Algorithm: Untying the Gordian Knot; Part I

Kenneth S. Serota, DDS, MMSc

Over the years, endodontics has diminished itself by enabling the presumption that it is comprised of a narrowly defined service mix; root canal therapy purportedly begins at the apex and ends at the orifice. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is the catalyst and precursor of a multivariate continuum, potentially the foundational pillar of all phases of any rehabilitation. Early diagnosis of teeth requiring endodontic treatment, prior to the development of periradicular disease, is critical for a successful treatment outcome.

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