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What to do when Good Teeth and Implants go Bad? The Standard of Care for Laser Periodontitis Treatment

A webinar hosted by
Dawn Bloore, DDS


When: Wednesday
April 25, 2012
ALL DAY - 24 HOURS (NY Time)


The PerioLase® MVP- 7™ for the LANAP® Protocol has set the Standard of Care for Laser Periodontitis Treatment. Implemented by over 14% of active, US-based AAP members and supported by 2 human histology studies. This FDA cleared technology and evidence-based protocol provide consistent, reproducible, positive bone-building results to reverse gum disease. Take control over periodontitis in your practice and treat the disease most people have, the way they want it treated. This is the ONLY laser and protocol with scientific proof of a regenerative outcome and no adverse effects. Understand laser energy and how the LANAP® protocol creates the specific environment to turn periodontal “degeneration” into “regeneration” around failing teeth and implants.


Dawn Bloore, DDS Dawn Bloore

Dr. Dawn M. Bloore has lectured nationally and internationally and published on the subject of the LANAP procedure and the clinical laser applications of the PerioLase MVP-7. She is a member of Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honor Society and a graduate...
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