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“The Full Arch Patient”; A Fully Digital Affair

A webinar hosted by
Orlando Alvarez Del C., DDS, MS


When: Wednesday
September 26, 2018
ALL DAY - 24 HOURS (NY Time)

Guided Surgery (GS) is a concept where you are guided by the rehabilitation needs of your patient to perform the implant surgery procedure based on all the info that we process via planning software that are loaded with digital files coming from intra-oral scanning (IOS) and cone beam computed tomography (CBCT). After planning the case, we print a surgical guide or stent to perform the surgery, this technique allows us to do it flap or flapless in a complete secure environment, quicker and more precise if we compare to "freehand" surgery. However, we have to be careful because not all the systems are the same; those who use scoops as reductors are less precise than the "scoopless", no matter which system we use we have to be clear to understand that all the classic concepts of osseointegration are not erased by guided surgery, especially bone physiology.


Orlando Alvarez Del C., DDS, MS Orlando Alvarez

DDS, University of Chile.

Master Degree in Implants and Oral Rehabilitation, University Andrés Bello

Clinical training in the Branemark System; Valdivia Clinic; with the patronage of the Branemark Osseointegration Center.

Clinical training in different areas of implant dentistry; Implants and Periodontics (UCLA), Implant Surgery (Loma Linda School of Dentistry) Guided Surgery (Katolieke Universiteit Leuven)...
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