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The Wonderful Bone Regeneration Story: Revolution, Evolution & Evaluation

A webinar hosted by
Bernard Dahan, DDS, DCD


When: Wednesday
April 17, 2019
24 HOURS - ALL DAY (NY Time)


The last thirty years have given Clinicians the opportunity to be witness of the wonderful Bone Regeneration Story. The amazing function of the Periodontal Ligament Fibroblast in the wound healing, the first steps of Guided Tissue Regeneration and later the evolution to Guided Bone Regeneration and Implant Therapy, have been Revolutions in our daily practice and becomes landmarks for a whole generation of dentists.

Years after years, Research and Technology have contributed to transform these Revolutions and undergo Evolutions. Among all the Bone Substitutes have, these days, emerged new materials, like "Bone Cements”, which could allow us today, to re-evaluate our surgical techniques and improve our prognosis in Bone Regeneration.

With a personal approach, this lecture will take into consideration the developments of the last thirty years. Several clinical cases and new concepts like "Place, Press and Close" will be presented. After Revolutions and Evolutions, isn't it time for Evaluation of our techniques to improve Predictability and Quality of Life of our Patients?


Bernard Dahan, DDS, DCD Bernard Dahan

Dr Dahan completed his Dental Degree in1976 at the TOULOUSE University, FRANCE. In 1978 he obtained his Periodontology License from the University of MARSEILLE, FRAN CE.

After his emigration to ISRAEL, Dr Dahan spent a sabbatical year in 1984, in BOSTON (USA), with two of his mentors: Dr G. Kramer and Dr M. Nevins. Until 1991, he was in charge of the Periodontal Section at the Institute of Dental Advanced Studies in Haifa, Israel...
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