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Innovative New Technique for Minimally Invasive Crestal Sinus Lift Approach

A webinar hosted by
Domenico Baldi, DDS


When: Wednesday
July 10, 2019
ALL DAY - 24 HOURS (NY Time)

This webinar will describe the protocol for a trans-crestal sinus lift by using an innovative product called the Magnetic Mallet. This technique allows the clinician to perform a sinus lift and same time osseodensification with immediate implant placement, in an atraumatic and conservative fashion. Dr Baldi will describe the benefits he has seen in his daily practice as well as the additional opportunities in treating "everyday cases" with this magnetic dynamic technology.


Domenico Baldi, DDS Domenico Baldi

Domenico Baldi born in Genoa, Italy on February 2, 1963.
Graduated Physician (M.D) 1987 with honors at Genoa School of Medicine.
Specialized D.D.S. 1990 at University of Genoa.
Learned 1998 in Implantology at Pisa School of Medicine.
Adjunct Professor at the University of Genoa.
Prosthodontics and Implantology Professor in a High Level course at the University of Genoa
Professor in the Surgery High Level Course at La Sapienza-University of Rome Prosthodontics and Implantology Professor in a International Master at the University of Genoa...
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