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Ortho/Perio Treatment on Impacted Upper Central Incisors

A webinar hosted by
Miguel Hirschhaut, DDS,
Carol Weinstein, DDS &
Carolina Alarcon, DDS


When: Wednesday
June 1, 2022
ALL DAY - 24 HOURS (NY Time)

Upper central incisor impaction has functional, esthetic and psychologic implications. Causes of the impaction can be divided in obstructive and traumatic. Among the first ones are: supernumerary teeth, odontomas and mesiodens. Among the second group are facial trauma received in the primary or early mixed dentition. In close relation as well with root dilaceration. Other less common reasons for impaction include: crowding, endocrine alterations, bone diseases, genetic conditions, extraction or ankylosis of primary incisors. The impacted upper central incisor can be classified depending on: mesio-distal position, occluso-gingival position, midline angulation, degree of root formation. If early intervention is not enough. There is the need for surgical exposure and orthodontic traction. Among possible treatment complications are: esthetic gingival sequelae, ankylosis and root resorption


Miguel Hirschhaut, DDS Miguel Hirschhaut

- DDS, Universidad Central de Venezuela, 1988-1993.
- Fullbight Scholarship, Fundacion Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho, for Orthodontics postgraduae training at University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine.
- Certificate in Orthodontics: University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medine, Dept. of Orthodontics, 1993-1995...
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