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Diagnosis, Planning, & Treatment of Altered Passive Eruption; From a Periodontists Perspective

A webinar hosted by
Roberto Rossi, DDS


When: Wednesday
September 14, 2022
ALL DAY - 24 HOURS (NY Time)

Excessive gingival display is a condition affecting a certain number of young adults. Often this condition is misjudged or overlooked by the general dentist. The situation where the marginal gingiva is incorrectly located on top of the enamel and not at the cement enamel junction is described as altered passive eruption. This represents a problem where the teeth in their eruptive phase fail to settle at the proper level where the bone is located a couple of millimeters below the cement enamel junction and the gingiva just below or at that landmark.

This presentation will teach how to diagnose cases of altered passive eruption based on the radiographic evaluation (with peri-apical rx and CBCT) and how to plan and document a surgical procedure aimed to ‘uncover’ the beautiful and natural hidden enamel. In a world where esthetics is becoming more and more a concern a simple periodontal plastic surgical procedure can re-establish esthetic and balance to the patients affected by this condition.


Roberto Rossi, DDS Roberto Rossi

Dr. Rossi graduated in Dentistry magna cum laude at the University of Genova. Started his career as a periodontist at Boston University Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry in 1989, he specialized in Periodontology in 1991 and received the Master of Science in Dentistry in Periodontology in 1992...
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